Fall 2016
My plan was to do my June Reading post today, since it's already July 7th and I have yet to write about what I read last month. But alas, I forgot my list, so I can't actually remember everything I read last month. So June reading is still to come... But since I haven't checked in for a while, I thought I would at least write a little bit about what I've been up to lately.

Reading... I've been going through a major nonfiction phase over the last couple month. I am currently reading The Radium Girls and I cannot. put. it. down. It's about a group of women who worked in a radium dial-painting factory during WWI, and their ensuing legal battle to hold their employers accountable for a dangerous working environment. The girls had all sorts of medical issues after using their mouths to point the brushes with radium, used to paint the luminous dials on watches, including parts of their jaws literally disintegrating in their mouths. Truly shocking stuff. So many lives cut short because people didn't understand the dangerous substance they were working with.

Watching... New season of Criminal Minds on Netflix! I can't say I'm liking all of the casting changes. It feels like a show on its last legs.

I also discovered an absolutely hilarious British comedy on Netflix, Chewing Gum. It's like a British version of Broad City

Listening... Actually, I haven't been listening to music a lot lately. I've been much busier with the reading and the watching. 

Doing... Mostly, acting as thunder shirt for my sweet Lucia. Poor thing, she HATES fireworks and this time of year is not our favorite. We've had to cuddle a lot.

I also need to do an anxiety update in the next couple weeks. I met with a Psychiatrist and I'm meeting with my new therapist for the first time next week. I'm proud of myself for moving forward, making my health a priority, and taking care of myself seriously. I really like the plan my Psychiatrist has for me, which is that medicine is not a long-term solution. But more on that later...

Have a happy weekend! Here's hoping our neighbors take a break from setting off fireworks this weekend.


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