The Best Month

June is the best month for several reasons. My birthday month! The first official month of summer! The true arrival of summer inspires me to get off the couch and seek outdoor adventures. This month, I started with an outdoor yoga practice that included goats and sheep running around us! Goat yoga is a new "trend" in the yoga world, but imagine my surprise when I saw that my small town was going to offer this experience. I couldn't pass it up! 

Tips for goat yoga:
  • Don't take your nice, new yoga mat (so grateful I thought better of that myself)
  • Keep your eyes open! The animals often decide to use the bathroom near you, so keep an awareness of where the puddles and piles are.
  • Bring your sense of humor
It was a really fun experience, and one I'm so glad I took a chance on. Though I may not have smelled too pleasant afterwards, and my dusty yoga mat is still in my car to be cleaned, it was a pretty unforgettable event! The quiet nature, and the sunset, also contributed to actually be a really peaceful environment. 


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