33 About Me

30th birthday
As I mentioned previously, I haven't done an Intro/About post since relaunching the blog, so I thought my approaching birthday might be the perfect occasion to throw some random facts about myself out there. Since I'm turning 33 this summer, I decided 33 would be the magic number of facts (clever). 

  1. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.
  2. I moved to Utah in September 2012. 
  3. I graduated with a B.A. in English (2007) and a M.Ed. in Higher Education (2010)
  4. Jason and I met on 12/13/14. We were set up by mutual friends, and it was love at first sight.
  5. We got married on 07/25/16. I chose July 25th for our wedding date, because it is my late grandmother's birthday, and it was my way of honoring her on our special day.
  6. I'm definitely Type A, and a perfectionist, which causes me to stress and worry quite a bit.
  7. I'm obsessed with my dogs, Lucia and Layla (I didn't say all of these facts would be NEW).
  8. I'm an introvert.
  9. I live and deal with anxiety on a pretty regular basis. My first panic attack was in 2007, the first time I moved to a new state on my own, for my first real job after graduating college.
  10. If I could choose any new career, I would love to be an interior designer.
  11. I keep opening and deleting Twitter accounts. I feel like I want to post my random thought-vomit, but then I realize it's annoying, and so is reading everyone else's.
  12. I've mostly given up caffeine. I've tried giving up caffeine an infinite amount of times, but it finally started to stick in 2016, when I was having my worst bout of panic attacks ever.
  13. My goal is to practice yoga daily (and I'm doing pretty well with this goal).
  14. I love to cook. My favorite recipe is chicken tikka masala (in the Crock Pot - I love the Crock Pot). 
  15. I cannot multitask! If I'm watching TV and doing anything else, I cannot pay attention to what is going on and have to rewind over and over. This is also why I can't listen to audiobooks, I won't be able to focus if I'm doing something else at the same time.
  16. My favorite solo hobby is reading. I can't choose a favorite book because I have so many, but a few are: Jane Eyre, Joy in the Morning, The Alchemist, Their Eyes Were Watching God.
  17. My favorite outdoor hobby is hiking. This is also my favorite thing about living in southern Utah.
  18. I have a scar under my right eye from falling onto the corner of a coffee table as a child.
  19. I dream vividly almost every night. And sometimes I yell out in my sleep. Freaks Jason out...
  20. I cannot play a single musical instrument. 
  21. But I love music. Some of my favorite artists: Amos Lee, Michael Jackson, Adele, Stevie Wonder, Hozier, India.Arie, John Legend, and Prince.
  22. I'm actually pretty crabby about "music today" and it brings out my inner grumpy old man to complain about most of the current popular music.
  23. My favorite singer growing up was Mariah Carey. Like, obsession level. 
  24. My mom took me to see Mariah in concert in Ohio, where our car battery died and we couldn't open the door without setting off the alarm. My dad had to drive all the way from PA to Ohio to rescue us.
  25. I am so grateful to be able to say that I have seen Prince in concert. And Stevie Wonder.
  26. When it comes to "the Ryans," it's Gossling for me, without a doubt.
  27. My dream vacation is Paris. My favorite vacations growing up were road trips from PA to Indiana to visit my great grandma, just my mom and I.
  28. My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and Clueless.
  29. I'm a 90's kid all the way. It's still my favorite musical decade.
  30. Jason and I have a dream of building a tiny house, and living the minimalist lifestyle.
  31. I've never had a broken bone.
  32. The only surgeries I've ever had were my wisdom teeth, and Lasik eye surgery.
  33. I struggle with getting older, but I'm so grateful that life tends to settle down and feel less complicated with each passing year.


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