To the Moms

(L): Mom, Gungy, me, Gram
 we all move forward when
we recognize how resilient
and striking the women
around us are
-rupi kaur

All around the world today, we're celebrating moms. Our moms, our moms' moms, our moms' moms' moms, our dads' moms, our spouses' moms, our friends' moms... You get the drill. Without the moms, none of the special people in our lives, not to mention ourselves, would even be here. 

I consider myself lucky to come from a family of some incredible women. The resiliency the women in my family show, and have taught me by example, is invaluable. 

And this year, I also have an incredible mother in law to celebrate. After going home with Jason to meet his parents for the first time, and seeing Jason and his dad together, I commented that I have no idea how his mom has done it! 😄 She's raised the most amazing man that I am so grateful to call my husband. 

I'm so grateful for the moms in my life, and I deeply miss the moms that have gone from my life, but I appreciate what they've left behind - the lessons, the generations, the recipes, the memories.

Happy Mother's Day, moms! 


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