Sometimes A Break Is Just The Thing

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes... Including you.
-Anne Lamott
I was on such a roll, writing every couple of days. But remember that bad mood I wrote about a couple weeks ago? It's been haunting me all month! Finally, mid-week this week, I decided I needed a break. Sometimes when I get in a funk, I stop to take stock of the stressors and triggers around me that I could take a break from, in an effort to find more inner peace. I almost always start with social media. I would guess, about every couple months, I end up taking a few days away from social media. I just ignore it altogether, and it does seem to refresh my spirit quite a bit. I think the negativity on social media just gets overwhelming and exhausting, when you pile it on top of things you are already feeling. Even the "jokes" and the memes have an underlying aura of negativity when you think about it, and sometimes it just helps to turn it off for a few days. I won't even get into the news of the world, which is harder to turn off, though I am trying to read the news selectively these days... This time, I promised myself I would stay off of social media until June 1st. I will be celebrating the end of a month that has just felt kind of blah to me, and starting anew with what is probably the best month of the entire year, as it's the official start of summer AND my birthday falls in June.

No exciting plans for the month of June, and even though Jason is home, he is still working like crazy. But we do have a BBQ planned for tomorrow, our first of the year, and I've put together an exciting menu so that I can try a few new recipes, and see how the avocados are doing this time of year. Successfully putting a recipe together is another thing that often helps ease a heavy mood for me. So tomorrow, I am looking forward to successfully (optimism!) attempting teriyaki turkey burgers, marinated chicken kabobs, corn on the cob, homemade salsa, homemade guacamole, and Mediterranean pasta salad. 

What are your weekend plans?

Coming soon, a post about what I read this month.


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