It's HOW You Get There

I had to pause my yoga practice tonight when Adriene said the above quote so I could find a piece of paper to write it down. She always seems to know what I need to hear, and I know I'm not alone in that thought. I belong to an amazing YWA group on Facebook, and it's the most positive, supportive, and generous online community I have ever witnessed. We were all brought together by our passion for Yoga With Adriene, but people share deep pain and intimate moments of their lives with complete strangers, with the assurance that they're not going to be cyber-bullied, but hear only words of support and comfort. It's pretty incredible.

Tonight is a quick check-in. I just felt a strong urge to share this quote that I stumbled upon today, and my love for my online yoga family. A support system is the most important aspect of developing a consistent healthy habit, and yoga has changed me in many ways for the better. I'd love to create more short and sweet posts like this one, meaningful in their daily impact. I have to say, I've been feeling so creatively inspired lately with the weather changing, the sun coming out more often, the air warming, and the trees and flowers blooming. 

I could probably say more about this quote: How you get there is important. It affects everything. In a literal sense, this advice talks about the way we move through the poses. Yoga isn't about hitting the perfect pose, it's about moving purposefully in each moment, through each movement. It's not about slinging your body from one pose to the next, but giving graceful attention to the journey, and getting back up when you wobble, stumble, and fall. With Adriene, however, there's always another level... I know my wellness guru means this quote to apply to more than just our yoga practice. The how is THE critical piece of everyday life. It's the breath, it's the intention, it's the attitude. It's everything behind and within each of the tasks we complete in our daily lives. Again, it's about giving graceful attention to the journey. Living with anxiety means I need to be mindful as much as possible, and pay attention to how I'm absorbing and reacting to my present conditions. If I want to avoid stress and anxiety, I need to work hard on maintaining a calm breath and a positive attitude. I need to pay close attention to the thoughts in my brain, and argue against the self-defeating impulsive messages that often flutter into my mind. How I move through my day affects everything: my health and well-being, my stress level, my self-confidence, my energy, my outlook on the future, my sleep quality, my food and exercise choices... Keeping my how positive and mindful is the key to managing my anxiety. It's also very difficult to do sometimes, but yoga (and specifically, Adriene Mishler) is teaching me how to take those philosophies I practice daily off the mat and into the rest of my life.


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