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September Already?!

Long time, no blog! I've gotten really busy at work, and haven't been doing much during my time off. Hence, there hasn't been anything to blog about lately. I can't believe it's already September, although I am pretty happy to see Fall approaching. It's probably my favorite season. I love the "transition" seasons, Fall and Spring. It's such a welcome change to feel the weather starting to cool down or warm up, after a long few months of the hot or cold extreme. Fall feels like a fresh start - a new school year has begun, and I feel just a little bit more inspired to be productive and creative. This time of year, I typically express that inspiration through the Crock Pot. It's finally getting close to the warm comfort food time of year. Chicken tikka masala and turkey chili are just around the corner.
As for what I've been up to lately, besides cuddling dogs on the couch and reading a 1,000+ page book(!), the big deal has been my progress …

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