My Retreat

It's still a work in progress, but this weekend, I rearranged some elements of our guest room, and edited some of its contents, so I could create a yoga room. I have always wanted a yoga room. Prior to this, I did yoga in the middle of the living room with dogs running around (and over) me, play-fighting to the point where I couldn't even hear Adriene! Not exactly an ideal environment for relaxation, focus, and mindfulness. 
I did my first practice in my yoga retreat space Sunday morning, closing the door against the noise of dogs and television. It was blissful. 
Key elements to creating your own yoga room: Minimal distractions/decorations - Ideally, my yoga room would be an empty room, with my yoga mat and a candle or two. Since we don't have that kind of space in our home, my yoga room is combined with the guest bedroom. But I did take out the extra nightstand and chair that took up a lot of the space. I will be donating or selling them since we don't even use them …

Diary of an Oxygen Thief (review)

Odd. the first word that comes to mind upon closing the pages of Diary of an Oxygen Thief. Allegedly a true story, it really highlights the lowest depths that men and women travel to in order to hurt each other. And men and men. And women and women. The author himself admits: Hurt people hurt people more skillfully. (8)Diary of an Oxygen Thief is an appalling story of a man who tricks women into falling for him just so he can hurt them with brutal words. Eventually, he meets a woman who treats him in the same manner. Basically, what I'm saying is that every character in this novel is gross and annoying. While I have no sympathy for this narrator who is suddenly heartbroken when his own methods are turned against him, it does make you stop and think about the way humanity treats each other, and why. As the narrator points out, it's only the people who are deeply damaged themselves who purposely inflict pain on others. 
On the other side of that coin, however, is the argu…

the sun and her flowers (review)

rupi kaur.
I can't praise her enough. She is one of the treasured voices this world needs right now, in our time of global chaos. 
the sun and her flowers is a poetry collection that will stay on my book shelf for many years to come, and will be revisited often when I am searching for comfort and connection. I cannot recommend this purchase strongly enough, as well as her first collection, milk and honey. Trust me, you'll want to own these beautiful words and keep them where they are accessible to you on a regular basis. 
Like most of you, I discovered rupi's poetry through Pinterest. Her words are a woman's literary best friend. I bought her self-published debut book of poetry, milk and honey, last year. I must have Instagrammed at least half of the pages! Her poetry feels like a hug from your mom, a warm blanket on a cold night, a bubble bath after a long day...
As an English major, I've had a significant amount of exposure to poetry. To some of the greats: …