3 Years

Yesterday marked 3 years since Jason and I met. On December 13, 2014, we were set up on a blind date by mutual coworkers. 
Last night, as we do every year, we went back to the restaurant where we met to celebrate. When our waitress asked if we had been there before, I said, "Yep, we met here 3 years ago today. At this very table." It was so sweet; after our dinner, she brought us the famous Nutella dessert pizza to celebrate our anniversary. YUMMMM!!!
It has been a truly wonderful 3 years, without a doubt the best 3-year stretch of my life. I don't think I could feel luckier to have him, and our girls, and the life that we do.

An Introvert During the Holidays

Any fellow introverts reading this?
The holidays are always a bit of a tough season for me, energetically speaking. I absolutely bask in the warm and cozy moments, but the busy social moments are a bit of a different story.
This post is especially timely this week, because Thursday night will be our only evening this week without plans. This really wears on my poor introvert soul. 
We hosted a get-together at our house on Monday evening, and the last handful of guests left at 11 pm. 11 PM!!! On a Monday night!!! As you can probably imagine, this immediately got me off to an exhausted start to the week, and the following evening we had dinner plans, so I still haven't caught up. Tonight, we are celebrating the 3 year anniversary of the day we met, so at least tonight's plans are low-key, and we'll be home early enough for a bit of chill time. 
The other problem I run into frequently this time of year are the large gatherings. Our get-together on Monday evening had nearly 2…

Christmas Top 5

Disclaimer: I "borrowed" this idea from one of my favorite blogs, mariannan
My Top 5:
Holiday Movies:    1. It's a Wonderful Life    2. A Christmas Story    3. Home Alone    4. Rudolp    5. Elf 
Holiday Treats:     1. Mom's Sugar Cookies    2. Snickerdoodles    3. Apple Pie    4. Polar Bear Coke    5. Hot Chocolate Holiday Traditions:    1. Christmas movies with the tree lights on    2. 1 gift on Christmas Eve    3. Falling asleep to 24 hours of A Christmas Story    4. Christmas pajamas    5. Going to The Nutcracker ballet
Holiday Songs:    1. All I Want for Christmas Is You    2. Silver Bells    3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas    4. It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas    5. White Christmas  
What are your favorites?